Welcome to Martha Sherpa's Cooking Classes in Hong Kong

I'm Martha Sherpa, a Chinese professional cookery instructor and the owner of "Cookery.com.hk". We have relocated from Mongkok to North Point, Hong Kong Island since March 2014. Our new kitchen is just within 2 minutes walk from North Point MTR Station A2 exit.

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We offer scheduled hands on all day and half day cooking classes everyday. All our cooking classes require advance reservation by email. We don't accept walk in or last minute application.

All our cooking classes are conducted in English. Cooking classes are also available in form of private cooking classes in Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwan or Fujian dialect, upon request. Please refer to private lesson page for details.

Foodies, professional chefs and restaurant owners from different parts of the world come to join our Chinese cookery, Chinese BBQ and Dim Sum cooking classes. During the class, they'll learn genuine Chinese cooking, marinating technique and the hidden secret in professional Chinese restaurant style cooking.

Besides this, a lot of people send their domestic helpers for our cooking classes, so they can prepare high quality food at home.

Nowadays, a lot of people are on low fat, low carb or keto diet. After attending our classes, they'll know what Chinese food or dim sum to select or what to avoid when they eat out. As what we teach are restaurant formulas, you'll know all the ingredient and seasonings inside the food. The knowledge that we teach should be helpful for those new to Hong Kong or new to Chinese food.

No matter your purpose of learning is for commercial cooking or home cooking, you should learn the proper technique. There's no short cut in learning. For example, you will learn how to deep fry properly, so the food is crispy but not greasy. You'll learn how to marinate so the shrimp will taste as crunchy as they are in restaurant. You'll learn how to prepare pork and beef recipes, so they remain juicy and tender after cooking. You'll learn how to stir fry vegetables, so they'll taste same as you can get in a good Chinese restaurant, etc.

You may say, you don't have restaurant style big stove and wok, so you cannot cook as good as restaurant. That's not true. A wok, a spatula and a ordinary kitchen stove is already enough.

During the class, you have chance to practice. If you practice more at home, you can see the improvement. Cooking is a skill and an art. Student always ask me how to tell when something is cook, my answer is ---- From what you see, hear, smell and touch, not by timer.

Besides Chinese cooking classes, Yum Cha or Dim Sum classes, Chinese barbeque lessons and Vegetarian cooking classes, we also offer hands on Thai cooking lessons. In our Thai cookery class, you'll learn how to prepare authentic Thai cuisine. Some of the recipes are the most sought for recipes in Thai cooking. You will learn how to cook with fresh herb and spices, you have to prepare curry paste or dipping sauce from scratch. Our students always found the food they prepared during the class taste better than what they got in restaurant, because we cook in authentic way. All the curry paste or dipping sauces are made from fresh raw ingredients which they can get in wet market or Thai grocery stores. The commercial one can never be better than that.

99% of our students enjoyed their cooking lessons with us. What they have learnt during their cooking lessons, surpassed their expectations. However, if you're among the 1% who just prefer those "Sit, watch, relax and eat" cooking shows or demonstrations, please DON'T consider our cooking class.

My workshop is just an equipped kitchen without unnecessary decorations. Property price in Hong Kong is very expensive, so please don't expect to see a big kitchen. There're no soft music background or comfortable sofa for you to sit, relax and watch "cooking show". You cannot keep your hands clean, because there're no helper to cut, marinate the ingredient for you. You have to touch, cut, pound, marinate, cook, eat and wash your own chopping board, knife and wok.

However, this's what my students usually say,"This's what I want, everything is real, I can't imagine I can do it all by myself. I'll show my friends how to cook all these delicious food when I back home, they'll be surprised."

Our office address: Flat F, 14th Floor, Wah Lai Mansion, 62-76 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong. (North Point MTR Station A2 exit)

Office Hours: By appointment only. Application will only be accepted in form of email. Without making appointment, visitors will not be admitted.

Our phone number:(852) 2381 0132

Our email address: info@cookery.com.hk

We always answer emails within 24 hours after we receive them. If you don't find our reply in your inbox within 24 hours, please check your junk mailbox.

Our Chinese website, http://www.cookery.com.hk

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Hong Kong is famous for our food. Do come and join us when you come to Hong Kong!